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I've gone and digitised some old TV footage of myself in the last few days. Does probably require some rudimentary understanding of German. Which means this will only make any sense to about 5% of the people reading this, but hey... The rest of you can point and laugh at my dodgy mid-90s goth outfit in the second clip. That also works ;-)

Clip 1: This clip does not feature me, but sets the scene. Back as a student in Hamburg in the 90s, I was watching an episode of a late-night satirical weekly news show. They had a piece on three pensioners whose families dumped them near the motorway on the way to their summer holidays. You could phone in to adopt one of them.

Clip 2: I was the only guy who actually phoned. None of the three shown extensions worked, but I tried random ones until I got through to the main reception of the TV station, angrily demanding to adopt pensioner Werner. They decided to film a clip with me for next week's show, as I was clearly mental.

Clip 3: Not satisfied with my two minutes of fame, I called various friends and acquaintances to chain ourselves to the cages at a pensioner home (funny how everyone I know was able to bring their own handcuffs) to protest unwanted pensioners being put down. Spot my cameo with dodgy sunglasses and an Akira t-shirt at the back of the crowd...
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